Disney Day With My Pal, Zachary

We enjoyed a lovely trip to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios with the Goldman family. We always have such great adventures. There was very little whining. Z and I made the entire day with NO strollers! Emmerson has a stroller but Mommy said that was because she didn’t want to carry him all day. I LOVED the new (OLD) Captain EO at EPCOT. It was the old 80s Michael Jackson space mission about finding the good inside and making a better world for everyone to live in. I loved the music and story. I did NOT like being sneezed on by Hooter (you will have to go see it to understand that).

We wrapped up at EPCOT and went to Hollywood Studios for fun play in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground. We played for about 1.5 hours and then it closed down. Mommy took Zachary on Tower of Terror. We then grabbed dinner at Sci-fi diner and went on to watch the Osborne Lights.

We loved the music and the fake snow.


Being silly. Amazingly well behaved for almost 8pm and past bedtimes.


Brothers! 🙂


And then the meltdown… actually a minor one and corrected quickly. I got upset because Mommy was taking pictures of Zachary and his mommy and I wanted her to take pictures of ME! She grabbed her camera and took a picture of me being grumpy!


I was cuddled with Emmerson listening to Phineous and Pherb take over the dancing lights. As soon as Mommy got out the camera I acted like a goof. I do love my little brother. I always want to be with him. He is my best friend!


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