Glazer Museum Fun

Today we went with a group of about 50+ homeschoolers to the new Glazer Museum in Tampa. I really liked all the things I was ALLOWED to touch! In the Design and Build area I got to put siding on a building, install the plumbing in a house and use simple machines to do work. I loved the crane!


My buddy Zachary and I played a few songs in our teepee hut. We actually were pretty awesome!


We played in the kitchen and put on our own cooking show. They had a camera that aimed down at the countertop so we could demonstrate in HD. Mommy was really impressed with the quality of the camera and tv, the pictures were VERY sharp!


Once I found the vet office I didn’t want to leave. I had to doctor up every animal and check their x-rays. Then I made a circle of all the animals and fed them from a huge dog bowl I found.


Once the cages were empty and all the animals were healthy my friends and I climbed in the cages. From left to right: Bryce, ME, Zachary and Emmerson (both in the far right cage).


I was supposed to be at the water area and Mommy blinked and I vanished. It is not like me to vanish. In my mind I was still in the same place but hidden by a wall. They had a neat indoor sandbox!


We did so many more things in the museum and then grabbed a quick lunch. Afterwards, we went out to Curtis Hickson Park and played in the fountains until we were near drop dead exhausted!

What a FUN place and a great day with a lot of amazing friends!

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