Drive faster, drive faster… Wait… I have to hop

Daddy and I went to the movie tonight at Clearwater Cinema Cafe and saw Nany McPhee returns. Great movie, great time. Anyway 30 seconds into the 4-5 minute drive home I went “Daddy drive faster. I have to go potty now!!!!!”. I continued to say I couldn’t make it so we stopped at the Publix that’s 2 minutes from the theater, 2 minutes from home. We ran through the parking lot… Me nearly screaming I wasn’t going to make it. We get in the store an I come to a complete stop. I couldn’t walk toward the restroom. I had to stop and hop staying on the tan tiles vs the light tiles. It’s a random tile layout so it was a lot of random hopping and twisting. I made it. But dad’s completely confused over how it could be such and emergency yet I had time to plan a random walk through the tan tiles. I don’t get why he’s confused. It makes perfect sense to me.

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