Butterfly Project for 4H Ochs Garden Club

For my Ochs 4H Garden Club I have to do some little projects. I picked a book called “WINGS” and it is all about butterflies! I love butterflies, so this is really fun for me. I had to interview a person that likes butterflies or was an expert. I found these two ladies at a recent grand opening of a butterfly garden at Hammock Park in Dunedin. I asked all my questions and Mommy helped me write down all the answers.


I was fascinated by all the different caterpillars that they had in cages on the table. I used Mommy’s camera and took a lot of photos. Most of the photos will be used for my project for 4H but I posted a few on here.

Learning about swallowtail butterflies.


This was a neat caterpillar. It was a bagworm. It only comes out a tiny bit to eat. Pretty neat!


I thought these looked like Tootsie Rolls!


I nearly passed this guy by but found him at the last second! So cool!


We wandered around in the butterfly garden for a while and I took a ton of pictures. Afterwards we made a butterfly lifecycle craft.



When we got home and finished lunch I was still talking butterflies. Mommy loaded Emmer and me up and took us to the Long Center where we could look for more caterpillars. Sadly, we didn’t find any… but we will soon… I just KNOW it!


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