Camp Update and Art Fun at Home

I had an amazing time at the Science Center of Pinellas for my “Fun with Science” class. There were only 3 kids including me in the class. The daily themes were:

Monday-Solid Liquid Gas

Tuesday- Water cycle and how water helps us (salt vs fresh)

Wednesday- Random day of animals and games

Thursday- Rocks, Gems and Minerals

Friday- Magnets

I made lots of art projects, science experiments and mud pies. We got to play outside and go on nature walks as well. There were really cool grasshoppers, frogs, dragonflies and lots of other things that I caught!

It was such a fun camp and I behaved rather well considering my camp track record.

Before camp each day Mommy had to come up with things to do… camp started at 1 and we had to leave at noon to get there on time. We did lots of letterboxing and arts and crafts. I am finally enjoying crafts so Mommy is just letting me take the lead.

I love drawing with glue and then sticking things on to it. I love cutting with scissors (ever if i cut both left and right handed!).


I love being silly. Mommy thinks I will be a class clown next year. Good thing I am homeschooled!


This is my artwork of snow covering the ground in the winter and seeds waiting to grow up up up in the spring.


This is a happy face with a mole on each side of his nose.


We are also in the process of making a fishing game. I had to help cut out lots of fish. Mommy needs to finish making the poles and we are all set to play! 🙂