Air Heads

There is a new place in Tampa that we just had to check out. It is called Air Heads. It is basically a 10,000 square foot trampoline. We had to get special helmets so we didn’t “scramble our brains”.


There was no “running” on the trampolines but I just couldn’t help myself. I liked the feel of running ore than jumping.


I had a lot of fun bouncing around with my group of friends.


We all fell, a LOT!


They brought out balls for us to toss around. I would NOT let go of the purple ball.


I joined in on a game of dodgeball, but they took my purple ball so they could play the game. Little did I know that was the last I would see of my beloved ball! I did listen very well to directions before the game.


I tried to play. I was not the first knocked out. I was actually the 4th out of 6 so I did fairly well, I guess.


They moved the dividers to make room for more “big kids” so we scooted to the little kid side for safety. There were adults and older kids flipping off the walls! REALLY!


I had a great time but think we will stick with the “youth jump” times. I was a bit overwhelmed when all the bigger kids came jumping towards me. Good thing Emmerson wasn’t jumping, he would have been jumped on!

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