Weekend fun and a strange rash?

Saturday we had a very active family day. We spent the morning at the neighborhood picnic. There was a HUGE water slide but I REFUSED to go down it. Mommy coaxed me into one time and I was DONE. I was a bit off and then Mommy noticed I had a rash head to toe. Possibly Fifths Disease again, maybe something completely different. Mommy called the doctor and the doctor said since I have no other symptoms other than being grumpy I am probably going to live and be just fine! 🙂

After the picnic we went down to Tyrone Mall for a Kidgits event. We got some free school supplies and a small colorful backpack. I was very excited. But the best was yet to come. We went to Haslams! My favorite bookstore down in St. Petersburg. I picked out nearly $100 in new books! WOW! We also found a Letterbox in Haslam’s and it even had a hitchhiker inside! VERY COOL!

I love my new books. Many are Magic School Bus science ones and one was a Fantasy and Mythological Creatures JigSaw Puzzle Book! I really love the jigsaw puzzle book. I learned about a new animal called a bunyip. It is an Australian Aboriginal Fantasy creature that lives in the water areas there and eats people! It is now causing nightmares!

Sunday I had a fun playdate with a few friends at the playground. My rash was looking better when we got there but when we left it flared up again. But I felt fine so I got to keep playing.

Here are some photos of the rash… you really can’t tell much of it on camera. It is red and lacy.

My cheeks.


My arm.


My back.


Another shot of my face.


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