Didgeridoo Down Under

Today I went to a VERY fun show at the library. It was called “Didgeridoo Down Under”. I sat with all my other homeschool/unschool friends. I was super well behaved! 🙂 It was a bit loud for me but I only covered my ears for a little of the program.


I absolutely loved the sound of the didgeridoo. It made my insides giggle.


It was really neat to learn more about Australia, their people, animals and culture. But that didgeridoo was pretty AWESOME!


The man was hilarious. He had the entire room laughing. He was very silly with his jokes and all this stuffed animals. Mommy was shocked how many of the kids in the room (well over 75%) didn’t know that they were mammals! HUh? Probably why I am homeschooled! 🙂 Mommy was equally impressed that I knew a name of a mammal that lays eggs! I now know a new word: monotremes! COOL!


We laughed and learned!


Protect the planet. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


At the end of the show we got to be super goofy! I was so well behaved and Mommy was so proud of me. Here is a video of the event.

Click to view

Mommy still isn’t sure why but Emmerson and I tuned into owls at the very end. Who knows?!


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