Back From Vacation

We got back in town late late Sunday night after a long drive home on US19! Very pretty drive and no highway stress for Daddy but I just wanted to be home. We spent the entire day Monday recovering from the trip: unpacking, cleaning the house and playing with all the toys we missed for the near month we were gone.

Tuesday I spent the day with friends (without Emmerson!!!!) and we went Letterboxing at Philipee Park in Safety Harbor and then I went to my friend Zachary’s house and went swimming at the HUGE pool at Innisbrook. What fun!

Wednesday we went to Music with Mar and then chilled out for the day… no major plans.

Thursday we met up with some friends again for a morning of Letterboxing and then playground climbing fun. I took a long nap because I was so exhausted! Mommy work me up at 3:45 and said “TIME TO GO” and we went to go see Toy Story 3 at the Clearwater Cinema Cafe (my favorite movie theatre because you can have milkshakes and popcorn while swiveling in the chair!).

Today, Friday, we headed down to Indian Shores to the Goldman’s house (Miss Lynn and one of my best buds Zachary). We spent a while at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary enjoying all the wonderful birds. I even saw a baby white pelican! Very cool! Mommy found a Letterbox at the sanctuary so that was a cool extra treat… it even had a hitchhiker (a traveling letterbox that you have to go hide in another letterbox!).

Afterwards we headed out the back door of the sanctuary and saw all the birds of the beach… there were thousands!!!


We were all being very silly! I look like a giant here… I was just closer to the camera and Zachary was doing a straddle.


Emmerson watched on as Zachary and I played in the water. At first I asked Mommy if I could take my shoes off and not get wet. Then I asked if it was okay to get my pants a LITTLE wet… next thing you know I was in up to my ears! Good thing MOmmy is always prepared with a change of clothing.


The dark-ish skies are courtesy of Tropical Storm Bonnie coming across the state of Florida today! Nothing major!


After a long play on the beach we came back to Zachary’s house and all got showered off and had lunch. After lunch… TV COMA!


We played hard all morning and continued to run and play inside up until about 6pm when we headed home. What a fun day! Glad to be home but miss my Grandparents…

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