Asheville, NC

Well, we made it safely to Asheville and have been busy busy busy since we got here. We got in at about 4 pm on Tuesday and had a relaxing evening at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandpa Howie went back down to Florida for a week or so to take care of some things. We get to entertain Grandma Jo all by ourselves! 🙂

On wednesday morning we went Letterboxing. He had a grand time despite the poison ivy and hot temperatures. The last one we got a little obsessed about but still never found. Mommy has decided to limit long hikes for cooler weather. Asheville is unseasonably warm right now.


We came back to the house to cool off and then changed into out swim suits and went swimming in the lake in Grandma Jo’s community. It was a bit murky in parks but I wanted to look for fish and “stuff”. Mommy learned that sometimes there are leaches in the water so she made me relocate to the clear pat of the water. I left kicking out to the rope and trying to navigate the swimming line but it would get too deep and Mommy would call me back in. I am rally trying to swim. Mommy caught me kicking with my feet on top of the water and trying to scoop a bit. I am terrified of a swimming pool and things that may eat me but i just went right into the lake! who knows! (mommy wishes she would have grabbed her camera for the lake but didn’t want to risk getting it wet). I scarfed down my dinner and had some popcorn and watched Scooby-Doo to wrap up the first full day in Asheville.

Today we got up and went to the Health Adventure. I always love it there! They had two traveling exhibits. One about satellites and one about “The Wizard of Oz”.

I wanted to do the satellites first. I made this little house while Mommy was getting the passes to get in.


We learned about orbits. One tube made a circular and one made the balls go in an elliptical orbit.


We learned how the satellites take images and also how they can tell how tall things are on Earth.


Pictures of different imagines satellites have taken from space. I never knew there were so many things looking down on us.


On to the Wizard of Oz. I built a scarecrow…



I worked on the yellow brick road.


I thought the balloon picture was really cool.


There is no place like home!


I really worked hard on my tube invention.



All done! TA DA!


We went to lunch at Mama Cita’s Burritos and then out for ice cream at Ultimate Ice Cream. Just around the corner from the ice cream place was the WNC Nature Center. Mommy thought we had been there before but we had not! It was kind of a zoo. They had a lot of animals in cages. I liked looking to find out they camouflaged in their tanks.


I slide down the human version of an otter slide.


I pet the goats.




A coyote!


Emmerson and I have enjoyed trying to wear Mommy out by making her push us both in the stroller. She said she would rather push both than listen to both whine! I think we are too big for the stroller.


A grey wolf relaxing on the cool dirt in the shade. It was about 92-94F out and we were way too hot.


On the way out we hunted for two more Letterboxes in the parking lot! Cool! I did not have the patience for anything more than an easy find today.

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