Letterboxing! FUN FUN FUN

After breakfast today Mommy and Grandma Susie took us “letterboxing” in Boardman Park and then in Poland Woods. Basically you follow clues that you can download from the internet. At the end of the clues there is a hidden package. Inside the package is usually a stamp pad, a stamp, a log book and a pen.

The first two tries were unsuccessful. We were confident we went to the right place but didn’t have any luck. The third try was a charm! Here is the first letterbox I ever found!


It was called “you scream, i scream, we all scream for ice cream” Inside was a stamp of an ice cream cone!!




Then you hide it back where you found it and leave it for the next person!



It was SO much fun!!!


We tried one in Poland Woods and the tree where it was supposed to be at looks like it collapsed from rot. If you find something like this you are supposed to contact the “person who hid it” and let them know.


After another failed try, Mommy took Emmerson and Grandma Susie for some rest time and we proceded to Mill Creek Park to the Lanterman’s Mill. We had to hike for nearly a mile following clues to find this one! I found it all on my own!!!


Very cool stamp inside. It was a hand carved picture of the Lanterman’s Mill! Very near piece of artwork!


We proceded to check out one more by the covered bridge but had no luck finding it. So we were going to call it quits and I told Mommy I wanted to do more! So she quickly looked up a few in the area. She found one that supposedly had 12 boxes hidden on a pathway! That sounded FUN!

We went to the Ford Nature Center and parked the car and then hiked down the road and followed the clues. The clues produced stamps from all 12 months of the year. We missed 2 because we just could NOT find them. So we figured 10 out of 12 wasn’t bad. They were also all hand carved. This was my favorite!


We left exhausted after the hike in the woods and all the hunting.

We headed home for some lunch and then off to the YMCA for some swimming and cooling off.

What a fun last day in Ohio. I am going to miss it here. But on to Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie in the morning.

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