Early Forth of July

Uncle Matt was so wonderful to buy us some fireworks for the 4th of July. Since he is flying home on the 4th we had our celebration on the 3rd. The fireworks store had a deal buy one get one for $.99. So we had LOT of stuff.

This is just ONE box of the poppers.


I loved the ash snakes.


Uncle Matt kept me safe as I was nervous with most of the fireworks.


It’s hard to tell but I have in ear plugs. I didn’t want to do any of the approved fireworks. Just hide with my ears covered. With the earplugs I was a bit more willing to come out of hiding.


Finally I wanted to do some of the poppers. A huge step for me! Remember EARPLUGS!


The aftermath.


Danielle and Nomiki set off the smoke balls and had a fun time playing in the smoke. Mommy let me experiment for one and then called me back away.


We took a break to wind down and painted some more rocks.


I think I finally an art form that I really enjoy.


Nomiki pained a dragon on my tummy.


Pretty cool!


After the sun started to set we got to play with sparklers. Since Nomiki and her nephew were having such a good time I decided to try one. I fell in love with sparklers! AWESOME!


Mommy drew a “safety line” on the driveway for the kids under 9 to sit behind. Nomiki was allowed to help Uncle Matt since she is so responsible.


More snakes.


We had a really fun time! Thanks Matt!

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