Exploring Mill Creek Park

Today we went out to Whitehouse Farms and then to the bird food store. We enjoyed running around for a while. After a few more pit stops we came home, ate lunch (mine was peanuts and sugar snap peas). I took some REQUIRED downtime, as my behavior was less than desirable all morning. After nap time we went to The Lanterman’s Mill in Mill Creek Park.


I enjoyed looking at all the mill parts but I wasn’t focused and wanted to do it all in fast forward.


I thought it was neat being below the ground in a “cave” (really a building build on the side of the river).


Checking out the fish down in the river.


We visited Fellow’s Riverside Garden again and I found really neat tree to play under.


Oh, and swinging from the tree. That was fun!


My mood from this morning was still pretty consistent. I was touchy, not focused and very emotional. Most of these smiles were forced by Mommy today!


Back to my emo self. I was sitting on the bench crying for who knows what reason this time.


I cheered up a bit after my grumpy breakdown.



The last legitimate smile of the day.


We were on the way home and I burst into tears again because I missed Lightning. Once we got home after a few more getting in troubles I ate dinner and had a bath and then calmed down. After a brief cartoon while the adults ate their dinner I zonked immediately after being tucked in bed.

Hopefully tonight I don’t roll out of my bed and under Mommy’s bed again. A rough night of sleep with falling out of bed every 30 minutes… probably why I was a total pill today!

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