Chalk It Up Poland and Mad Science

Today we did Chalk It Up Poland. I spent the morning with Mommy planning what I wanted my square to look like. I chose Franny K Stein (from a book series I enjoy), science stuff (test tubes), and a science symbol. I think Mommy did pretty well with the drawing. I just got crazy and was smashing chalk and not focusing on anything. Considering I went to bed so late and got up early I wasn’t THAT bad… okay I was bad!


I did get it under control for a bit to draw a few things.


My monster.


My ghost.


We walked over to the library for some air conditioning and books.

I made a shark for the summer reading tree.




I worked really hard on it and even gave it a crown!


I love listening to stories.


We came home and took Great Granny out to lunch for her 92nd birthday! I had pancakes and bacon and behaved amazingly well, considering how exhausted I was. We came home and I took a 2.5 hour nap! I never nap. I had a ton of energy when I got up. Mommy and I went on a “date” to a Mad Science show at Boardman Park.

They did all sorts of neat tricks and science. They launched balls with a blower and hair dryer. They made a ripped piece of sticker turn hole with magic and then they levitated balls with a yard blower.


They did a lot of dry ice tricks. He made a quarter shiver!


They made some strange thing with dry ice, food color and soap. I waited my turn to touch the stuff.


As soon as it touched my hands it turned into carbon dioxide gas! VERY COOL! I want Daddy to show me this at home!


They made FOG.


Lots of fog.


Checking it out up close.


The last thing they did was a soda pop and Mentos geyser.


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