Heritage Village Home Schoolers Trip

Dara and I had a fun time playing in the inside kitchen area before our tour.


22 Kids crammed into a 10×10 room that at least half was roped off. The summer docents were practicing and getting their speeches down.


We all waited on the porch to do the laundry.


Then we lined up go have our turn. I was always near the front of the line… sometimes I got there first and others I made my way to the front. Mommy took me to the back a few times for cutting other kids in line.


I soaped, washed and scrubbed my assigned clothing.


then hung it up to dry.


My friend Bobby helped me a little because I couldn’t get the clothespin on the line.


We did a water pail race using a horse feed bag.


We played with some old fashion toys… I loved spinning the hoop.


I could get it to launch pretty far!


We made Button Buzzers at the end and wrapped up a hot morning in the village. I am glad I had so many great friends there to share the day with me! 🙂

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