Drumming Circle

I went to a drumming circle today at the local library branch. It was a LOT of fun. We all got huge drums to bang on. There must have been well over 100 kids!


I sat on Mommy’s lap and was very excited to start banging away and making noise.


I listened very well to the teacher. He would say words and we all would bang out the words on the drum. My favorite was “I eat peanut butter every day”.


Bang bang bang…. so much fun


Mr. Steve was an awesome instructor and I can’t wait to go to another drumming circle.


Look at all those kids!


The teacher called some kids up to dance and they were dancing right in front of me and I got a bit over whelmd. I covered my ears and hid on Mommy’s lap… our key that the event is over. We had a blast… just wish the group is a BIT smaller next time! 🙂


Check out their link for coming shows:


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