Tarpon Springs Aquarium

Today we went with my friend Zachary to the Tarpon Springs Aquarium.

We liked looking at the huge goliath grouper. Apparently you can’t eat them because their meat is too tough.


I loved touching the sting rays and even got to feed them shrimp.

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The little sharks were cool as well.


We pretended to be puffer fish.


They have a new inside play area that is included in the admission. It has a huge climbing area, a bounce house and a big ball pit. Every time Mommy tried to take a picture we hid under the balls.


She finally got us after about 20 tries.


Then I threw balls at her. Good thing there was a netting and I couldn’t actually hit Mommy.


We had a lovely time at the sponge docks as well. We got to see boats full of sponges and the workers bargaining for the best prices. They were all talking about the sponges and getting them up before and if the oil comes this way. It was kind of scary to know that they could all be killed.

We had a nice lunch at Hella’s Greek and then Zachary and I each got a little model pirate ship and a dehydrated seahorse! (thanks Mrs. Lynn!)

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