Flip Like and Egyptian Gymnastics Recital

I waited patiently on the floor with only minor wiggling and bothering my neighbors.


I made it through all the warm-ups, even though I had never done some of them before. There was a little boy in the line behind me that kept kicking my hair and that made me get a bit silly. I got in under control and was off to “preform”. I did the bars first but Mommy couldn’t get any pictures because she was on the other side of the room. Next I did the balance beam. Arabesque!!!


Backwards roll with very little help! 🙂


Bridge!! I am really getting good at this one. I can finally get my belly up in the air.




Straddle jumps!


Just finished the tumble track and my big forward roll. I waved at Mommy and Daddy then stuck my tongue out at Mommy!


All done and up on stage getting my trophy and medal!!!


So proud of me!


I worked really hard this term to learn all my skills. I know I will only get better with more practice! 🙂 Since I am kinda tall and big for my age I have some difficulty moving my body in the space. I am really learning to work with that and having such a fun time. Several of my friends come to class now with me so it is even more fun! 🙂


Top 5 Reasons I Can Not Swim

5) What if I drown?

4) There is an octopus in the pool, over there in the deep water and what if it tries to eat me?

3) What if my eyes and ears get wet?

2) What if there is an earthquake in California and I feel it here in the pool?

and the #1 reason I can not swim…

1) What if I swallow pool water and it neutralizes my stomach acid and I am not able to digest food. I will DIE!!! DIE mommy… I MAY DIE!!!

**Note from Mommy…. RELAX KID! You are 4, please don’t let the weight of the world sit on your shoulders. Just be a kid!

Port Orleans Riverside and the LAST Atlantis Launch

I had a great time on our two day mini vacation. I went down the BIG water slide at the Port Orleans Riverside pool. I was so proud of myself.


I got right out and ran to tell Daddy that I did it! Mommy still had to go first and catch me at the bottom but I at least went up with no battle.


I am a little water bug! I can’t wait to get back to swimming lessons so I can swim like my friends.


Having fun in the kiddie pool for a few minutes.


Today we saw the shuttle launch from the Animal Kingdom. We waited at our secret spot while we ate lunch. This was the view! That is Mt. Everest, the roller coaster.


The shuttle just starting to be visible. It is the glowing dot below the rail track on the roller-coaster.


Going a little higher.


Way up high! It was a picture perfect launch!


Still going higher. I really enjoyed watching it go up! It was really amazing!




After the launch we played in the bone-yard. I tried to drive the employee nuts with questions and “did you knows”!



I made him follow me all around! 🙂


I had fun playing in the gravel with my friend Zachary and my baby brother.

One last trip around the play area and we are ready to head home. I still love pachycephalosaurus, it is my favorite dinosaur.


Zachary and I had a fun time watching the fish.

We checked to see if we were as big as gorillas.


I like my buddy Zachary. Sure we fight and bicker, but all good friends do!


What a lovely vacation. We had a great time but are all completely and utterly EXHAUSTED!

Swimming Lessons

I am taking private swimming lessons with Miss Emily at the YMCA. Today was my first day. I was totally anxious as usual but I really wanted to make my teacher proud. At first I didn’t want to come off the steps but she really had a way to move me. She just talked about animals and silly bandz! (I think Mommy prepped her as to what I really like to talk about right now). Within 15 minutes I was off and going. I was practicing kicks while holding onto a floating bar. I went the entire length of the pool after just a few tries and a little support from my teacher.


On the way back she had me try some “scoops”. Basically strokes with one hand while holding the floating bar with the other. I really was good at that!!!


I tried super hard because I know that once I can show enough skills I am done with lessons and I can swim at my friends houses this summer.


I was so proud of all my hard work. I am exhausted though!


Caterpillar Update

So this morning all my caterpillars were hanging upside down in the cage. We went to the spray ground with some friends and when we got home the first caterpillar had transformed into his chrysalis.


I watched for a while and the others were just wiggling a lot. We went to gymnastics and when we got back the second one had changed!!! I didn’t want to stop watching thinking the third would change. I finally gave up watching and we ran out for 30 minutes for an errand and when we got home the 3rd one had transformed!


I was really amazing how quickly they can change from a caterpillar into a chrysalis. They hang upside down, wiggle and wiggle some more. Soon their skin splits and shimmies up their body to where they are attached to the cage/branch and then it falls off, leaving the green blob behind. The blob wiggles for a few minutes and then is a hard chrysalis!!


I found the skins at the bottom of the cage. I can’t wait until they hatch and become butterflies!