Good-bye Butterflies, Hello Tadpoles!

Today was my final Homeschool Science class. We met at Marshall Street Park for some fun in the river! While I was waiting for my friends to show up I caught this really neat bug. I found out it is called an assassin bug.


Once everyone got there we headed down to the river to see what we could catch.


I was not shy at all about going in the the river. For as much fear and anxiety as I have in my life Mommy was surprised that I just went right in!


I had a really hard time catching anything other than moss and sticks.


Mommy walked in for a bit and helped me catch a few tadpoles and then I was off with my friends to catch them on my own!


I caught three. I am so super at catching things in the water.


Mommy had brought along a huge empty contained for me to collect things in. She KNEW I would want to keep tadpoles to watch their lifecycle.


We were in the river for about 45 minutes. It was dirty and gross! I only fell in about 5 times. I was soaked from mid chest down.


When we got home I took a VERY good bath while Mommy and Daddy set up the tank for the tadpoles. I need to add a ledge for when they get a bit bigger and are frogs.


You may have to click on the photo to make it bigger bit there are two tadpoles right along the top edge of the tank (kind of on the bluish line).


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