Noah’s Ark Farm for my friends birthday

Today I got to go to Noah’s Ark Farm for my friend’s, Melanie, birthday party. I love my cowboy hat and I really enjoyed finding feathers. By the end of the day I had about 20 feathers… Mommy only let me bring home three.


We all listened and learned the rules of the farm.


The goats and sheep were really cool, except I kept stepping in goat poop. “But I really don’t mind about it”.


Grooming the goat. I was actually pretty interested in their poop. It was all over the ground. Then Farmer Ben said they poop every 10 minutes! No kidding! I followed a goat around for about 9 minutes and it finally pooped. I squatted down behind it and watched. I was amazing with the little pellets. I wanted to know how the goats butt knew to make them all the same size and shape. Goats are neat!


This is a “fainting goat”. If it gets scared it has a type of seizure and passes out. Kinda neat but sad at the same time.


This is Petunia the pot bellied pig. Boy was she HUGE!


Watching the pig scarf down a huge serving of food! No wonder they call her a PIG!


We all lined up and waited to hold the baby chickens.


Mommy volunteered to be the “helper” and got to hold and pass around the chickens. She doesn’t mind the animals or the germs. Some of the mommies wanted NOTHING to do with touching the animals.



After a few minutes I got bored and wandered around to see what else I could find. I soon came back over holding a walking stick. I asked Mommy to hold it for a bit. I think Mommy must really love me to tolerate a bug crawling up her arm!


What a neat bug and I didn’t even ask to bring it home!


But I did want to bring home this tortoise.


Awwwww man. Why not Mommy? (note the feather collection in my pocket is growing)


I liked chasing the chickens… well not chasing… i was trying to pick them up… I eventually caught one. I was shocked how heavy they were.


Once the chickens were put away, the ducks and geese came out. They were much easier to catch up with but were VERY heavy for me.


I did get to take a sneak peak at a duck paying on some eggs in the coop that were HATCHING! How cool!


Waiting patiently with all my girlfriends. What’s up next for us to see?


RABBITS! Mommy, I don’t think I want a rabbit… this one pooped on me!


Waiting not-so-patiently for the pony rides.


I think this was my favorite part of the day!


Hey Mommy, I want a pony!


One last ride on the other pony. Mommy I don’t want a pony. Ponies pee too much.


I got all the kids involved in my science game. We were putting rocks between the roots of the tree to block the alligator from attacking us. (pretend… honest).


We wrapped up with a super fun hayride!



A quick hand wash and then CAKE! MMMMMmmmmmm!


I had such a fun time at Melanie’s party! 🙂 I am actually coming to Noah’s Ark Farm for a week of summer camp over my birthday in a few weeks. I am so excited.

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