Caterpillar Update

So this morning all my caterpillars were hanging upside down in the cage. We went to the spray ground with some friends and when we got home the first caterpillar had transformed into his chrysalis.


I watched for a while and the others were just wiggling a lot. We went to gymnastics and when we got back the second one had changed!!! I didn’t want to stop watching thinking the third would change. I finally gave up watching and we ran out for 30 minutes for an errand and when we got home the 3rd one had transformed!


I was really amazing how quickly they can change from a caterpillar into a chrysalis. They hang upside down, wiggle and wiggle some more. Soon their skin splits and shimmies up their body to where they are attached to the cage/branch and then it falls off, leaving the green blob behind. The blob wiggles for a few minutes and then is a hard chrysalis!!


I found the skins at the bottom of the cage. I can’t wait until they hatch and become butterflies!

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