Science Class and Frogs

I am really enjoying my science class in Safety Harbor. Today we talked about the frogs life cycle and different types of frogs. We learned what frogs eat and what eats frogs!

We went outside the building and spent 40 minutes catching frogs!

There were 7 kids in class today and we started catching frogs. There were hundreds of them!

They were only about the size of a penny.

photo 2

Everywhere we looked we found frogs. Itty bitty baby ones!

photo 3

Emmerson caught about 10 and I caught about 30!!!

photo 4

At the ends we figured in all everyone caught well over 200 frogs!!! What a fun time. I only asked Mommy about 50 gazillion times if I could bring one home… the answer was a big NO every time. I think I am going to break her soon, so I will keep asking! 🙂 hahahahaha!

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