Friend Sarah’s 5th Bday

Today I went to a costume party for my friend’s 5th birthday. I wore my Halloween costume (a bit early).

I am an “entomologist”!


I just wanted to hunt for bugs because I am not a huge fan of inflatables. PLus there were balloons in the inflatables that people kept popping… NO WAY!

B hanging out bug hunting. He kept saying he had no friends and no one wanted to play with him.

I stopped briefly to say HI to my friend Zachary.


Noone really wanted to play with me. Until I caught a butterfly! Then EVERYONE wanted to be my friend. I guess that is why they call me the BUG GUY!


Showing off my catch with the birthday girl.


There was a magician at the party.

Party People

I sat on Mommy’s lap and covered my ears the entire time. Mainly because I realized the magician was the same guy that does balloons around town. I hate popping balloons. But I had FUN!


He turned a balloon into a dove!


Then made a rabbit appear from an empty box.


I laughed so hard at the magic show, even if my ears were covered the entire time!

Always room for cake at the end of a long and fun party.


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