You Can Only Stay Inside So Long…

We went t to the YMCA today. We started off at the inside pool but when the outside pool opened we opted to take a trip outside to check it out. I really enjoyed all the splash areas.


This little slide was super fun! But it was short lived. It was extremely cold (58F) outside. So we packed up and headed home. It was almost nap time for Emmerson anyway.


Some Grandma bonding time. I look like a teenager here!


We even got to snuggle with Great Granny for a few photos! I love her so much. She is super funny! She also sings a lot of fun songs.


What do you mean the day is over and it is time to go to bed!!!


I had a wonderful time in Ohio. I got to catch lightning bugs, daddy-long-legs and many other critters. I set off poppers on the front porch. I helped pick up sticks in the yard. It was an amazing vacation!

Yuckie Days Are What You Make Them

Today started off as a cold and wet yuckie day. Mommy took Emmerson and I to Chuck E Cheeses to get us out of the house. That didn’t last long because I ran out of tokens and wanted to leave. I wanted to go to the playground but it was too wet. Mommy opted for a hike in the woods. The tree cover blocked the raina nd we got to stretch and see some wildlife. I say tons of squirrels and birds and we even saw what we THINK was a fox?


Thank goodness Mommy packed my jacket, I was chilly!


After lunch the skies cleared up and I went outside to play with the neighbor Danielle. She has a bunch of pet tree frogs. She brought a few over to play.


I really like these Ohio frogs. Danielle raised these from tadpoles to they would let you hold them.


Very pretty!


Me, 2 frogs and Danielle.


They were VERY tricky. They kept jumping away from me. I chased them into the mud in the compost bin. I was so incredibly gross after that.


Grandma Susie wouldn’t let me and Emmerson go through the house to the bathtub. So Mommy took us down to the basement and washed us in the mop tub! That is how dirty we were!!!