Dunedin Sprayground!

Tonight Mommy took Emmerson and I to the NEW sprayground in Dunedin. It puts all the other sprayground to shame. It is TOTALLY fenced in with childproof gates, so I cant escape! There are picnic pavilions outside of the water area as well as a playground (dry land one). There is plenty of shade and plenty of room even on a crowded day. Best of all… it is FREE!


There are tons of water features. Lots of water spraying everywhere. Plan to get wet if you come! Mommies and Daddies too!


I really enjoyed the water cannons.


So much to do!


Even the adults were out there.


This little slide with a padded landing was awesome. i did ti again and again and again and again a thousand times.


It even had a Lightning Detector. Please remember though, thunder precedes most lightning. If you can hear thunder, the storm is close enough to strike with lightning. So get out at the first sign of THUNDER! But still cool technology.


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