Swimming Lessons 2009

I have really wanted to learn how to swim so I can play in the pool with my friends and cousins this summer. The first two days of lessons I screamed my head off the entire time.

The third day I hid under the picnic table and Mommy finally just gave up.


I was NOT going to budge. Thankfully the instructor was running behind because of a last minute student and we had to head to Music with Mar so under the table I stayed until it was time to go to the car.


Day 4! What a change. Yesterday I got FOUR shots for my four year check up! Apparently one of those shots was full of water magic!?

I played on the stairs until it was my turn.


I barely fussed and did everything asked of me.


I learned how to do “turtle head” where I pop my head up to take a breathe.


I still need to go back one or two more times but I am way more confident now and WAY less screamy!

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