Daddy! What were you thinking?

So last night Daddy let me watch the movie Twister (over Mommy’s objections since she said it would cause nightmares).

We had a great time watching the movie. When it got boring for me I had Daddy read me a book about Dinosaurs.

I loved seeing the tornadoes and we talked about safety and I had a blast.

I went to bed and woke up around 2 am confused thinking that I was in the bathroom hiding from a tornado. Since I was confused about where I was I had an accident (as in Mommy had to get up and strip the bed).

This morning I woke up happy and refreshed and told Mommy and Daddy I wanted to watch the movie again (and Daddy did watch it with me until I got bored and wanted to do other stuff). Daddy then showed me pictures of tornadoes on my computer. They really look neat.

I decided that after school Daddy and I are building “a huge satellite (filled) with chocolate milk and it will go pfewwww and the tornado will be gone in one minute”

I claim dibs on a patent for a chocolate milk spewing tornado defeating satellite.

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