Rain, Rain, Go To Florida!

Yesterday it rained, rained and rained some more! We took a trip out to Amish country in Pennsylvania to get some cheese. We went to a neat little red barn like place next door to a huge factory.


On the way out we saw a horse and buggy parked at a BP gas station! I thought that was funny because a horse doesn’t have a gas tank!

The skies were just grey all day.


I played inside all day and got super wound up and in started getting in lots of trouble. Danielle wound me up a bit again too! Mommy was at her wits end with me and knew that a lot of the bad behavior was from being cooped up in the house all day and having to be “quiet” since Great Granny wasn’t feeling all that well.


After dinner we went back to the YMCA to swim. I was so bold and brave and went right in the splash area this time. I made a new friend, Ben, who is only a few weeks younger than I am. We tackled ach other, chased each other and splashed until we were prunes! I had an awesome time going down the slides and splashing in the water.

Considering I had a few “moments” of bad behavior the day turned out pretty well.

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