Egg Hunt Extravaganza

We went to the Mill Creek Park Egg Hunt today. There were some HUGE fields with TONS of eggs, treats and other things all over them. Af first there weren’t many people there. I was planning out my attack on the field. I saw all the things that I wanted to go get.


I had a a hard time waiting but did a great job staying behind the rope.


I loved rolling on the super soft Ohio grass. What soft soft grass it is. Muddy, but soft!


Being silly before I went to hunt.


The Easter Bunny was escorted in to the park in a police car. Wonder what he did wrong?


After the hunt, don’t I look happy? I didn’t get any eggs but I did get a bunch of candy (about 10 pieces). They just had things scattered all over the field, most not in eggs. I did, however, find a can of orange soda-pop to bring home to Daddy, because he likes soda!


And this is why I didn’t get much! There were a bazillion people there! In the little kids fields parents were allowed out with the kids but they weren’t supposed to help. Most parents were diving for the good things and a lot of kids who hunted honestly got barely anything! Oh well, I had fun. I was freezing, but I had fun!


On the way home we stopped off at the Poland egg hunt. We figured it would be tiny because it was only for kids up to age 6. We lined up and waited behind the rope until they said GO!

I went straight for an egg sitting on the bench. Then in my true “Breighton Egg Hunting” style bee-lined across the field past hundreds of other eggs to get one that caught my eye under a tree.


I got the one under the tree and ran across the field the other way, once again past all the eggs on the ground. What a silly boy I am. But I have my own way of hunting!


I got six eggs. But each egg was special to me because I liked the way it looked or where it was hidden. It wasn’t about numbers it was about beauty! I was so proud of myself.


There were stickers and candy inside. Plus they gave every kid a treat bag before they left. They also had cupcakes and cookies for free for all the kids. I had a HUGE cupcake and a purple bunny cookie!


It amazed everyone that such a little town could do such a wonderful event but the big towns was pure chaos!

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