Two Great Disney Trips In One Week

We headed over to Disney because the weather has been so nice out. Mommy, Daddy, Emmerson and I went to Animal Kingdom on Sunday to celebrate Emmerson’s first birthday.

I played a few games of Whac A Packy! ((Unlce Matt here is the REAL NAME of the game Mom and Dad were mistaken!)


Hiding out and getting ready to sneak up on Emmerson.


Gotcha Baby Brother. I certainly do love this little annoying thing even if he takes my toys and screams and cries a lot!


Digging for bones!




Taking Emmerson for a walk. I am really enjoying the Big Brother gig!


On Thursday we packed up the car and this time brought Grandma and Grandpa with us to Magic Kingdom. I took Emmerson on his first tea-cup ride. He had fun. I was really nice and didn’t s[in fast at all!


There was almost NO line for the stinky race cars so Mommy took me on. I got to drive. Mommy was terrified!


Maybe it was because I didn’t have my hands on the wheel!


Finally I got the hang of it! Poor Mommy may never recover from my crazy driving. She said thank goodness she was in charge of the gas and break! (Whatever that means!)


I got to play “recycled ring toss”. Fun!


We had a few ice creams and then I got to bang on the drum for a while. BIG drums!


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