Hanukah at TAS and Shabbat Leader

Grandma Susie got in town yesterday with Great Grandma Barbara from Ohio. They were able to come visit me at school and enjoy some our little school family.

I was Shabbat leader so it was even more special for me.


I was slightly goofy! But then again, I was showing off! What I do best! 🙂


I really wanted to hold that microphone!


Oddly, I was the only kid that listened and sat down on the steps.


Afterwards we played the dreidel game for M&Ms I think my classmates and I ate more then we played! 🙂 Great Grandma had never seen a dreidel so I gave her one of the ones I got at school today!

((In picture Zachary, Julia, Dylan, Rebecca, Kayla and Breighton))


Wrapping Up Our Vacation

Today we went to Magic Kingdom. During the parade I got my hair cut. This time I got Mickey sparkles and glitter. I was SO happy with my special hair things!


Grandma Jo bought me a neat purple Mickey balloon. Sadly it met a post while I was dancing around outside the cabin with it. It didn’t last that long and I was totally bummed about it because it was very special to me!


Being silly. I still have all the stickers on my pants from my haircut! 🙂


This is my collection of things I found near the cabin. I found a stick that looked like a “Stitch Blaster”, a sword and a really pretty pine cone! 🙂 I am such a nature boy.


I really enjoy staying at the cabins. It gives me a chance to be around nature when I need a break. Hopefully we can keep up this tradition for many years to come! 🙂

Disney Family Vacation Day 2

Today we went to Animal Kingdom. Daddy pushed Emmerson in the stroller while the rest of us took the shuttle in from the parking lot.


I really enjoy our holiday vacations. I especially love them when I get to ride the shuttle in! 🙂


The Dinosaur portion of Animal Kingdom even had holiday hats on all the dinosaurs. It made me laugh, a LOT!


We spent the day at this park and saw many animals. I like to play the midway games and win stuffed animals while Grandma and Grandpa are riding the roller coaster! 🙂 I also like to ride the Triceratops Spin until they kick me off.

After a fun morning we returned to the campground for some rest and relaxation. I got to go ride the ponies. Always a MAJOR highlight of my trip.


This pony was named Snickers! 🙂


After ponies we played on the playground for nearly an hour! I am learning how to swing on my own. I don’t QUITE have it figured out yet but at least I am trying!


Annual Family Disney Holiday Trip

We hit the ground running at EPCOT the first day. I love my floppy hat! Grandma Jo couldn’t keep up with me!


I really liked looking at all the pretty flowers. I was SO tempted to pick them, but I behaved. I love to pick florida for Mommy.


trying to get a good picture with Grandma and Grandpa but I entered silly mode.


They have this neat exhibit by “Velcro”. You could piece together Velcro objects to decorate a FROG! I thought this was really fun and right with my interests in all things animals!


Grandma Jo bought me a wooden cobra. I thought it was really funny to put it around Grandpa’s neck, he HATES things on his neck!


Grandma Jo and I explored all over the gardens while Emmerson had a snack with Mommy.


Look at me run, can you catch me?


Come on Grandma Jo I am getting ready to lap you!


Still running! I ran for a good 30 minutes and never tired.


We stayed at EPCOT for the Candlelight Processional. I still greatly enjoy the show. All the loud horns bother me still but I like the singing.