Snow at the top of the mountain…

Since there was NO SNOW to be found in town, we headed to the highest peak Uncle Matt could find. We found a TON of snow. It looked like some snowboarders had already been through this roadside snow-pile. They had groomed out a few slopes and jumps. Perfect for a pre-schooler to slide down.

Mommy got me dressed in my snow gear and let me loose on the snow.

I loved the little slide.

That was FUN!

I can do it on my belly too!


There was enough snow to throw at Uncle Matt.

Hey come back here Uncle Matt!!!!

Cute and innocent?

Ready, aim…

FIRE!!! (It actually made a huge THUMP when it hit, Sorry Uncle Matt!!!!)

I got stuck a few times in trees and needed rescued. The snow was really deep.

What a winter-wonderland!

Snow angel? (I wouldn’t make one when Daddy was near me with the camera!)

Mommy got stuck nearly knee deep.

I got stuck on another tree.

Mommy to the rescue this time.

HEY NOW! That wasn’t funny!

I licked and ate my share of the fluffy ice goodness!

I think I am done. I am getting cold. Time to go back to the house for a while.

When we got back to Uncle Matt’s place I went on a lizard hunt under his house!! I found a HUGE one…

We called it a day and sat around and played with the “rented toys” for the rest of the night. I watched a few movies on my new portable DVD player. I fell asleep on the sofa watching movies. I was TUCKERED out!

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