Jelly Belly

We had some extra time to kill before heading to the airport in Sacramento. We opted to get up early and drive 45 minutes to the Jelly Belly Factory to take a tour to see home jelly beans are made.

I thought this was a really fun idea. We had to wait a bit to get in because we were early getting there. Outside there was a gigantic red jelly bean! HAHAHAHA!

Mommy and I cruised around the store before we began our tour. That was a LOT of jelly beans!!!

There was a funny mirror I found to see myself.

Getting ready to go into the factory. Cameras are not allowed so I leave you with this:

I had my share of jelly beans… a nice sugar high right before getting on the plane to come home.

Our trip home was great. Emmerson screamed the entire way. I slept for 4 hours. We got home to the house around 1 in the morning and I still managed to make it to school on time the next day, just a bit groggy. It took my tummy a few days to reset and then I was all back to normal.

I can’t wait for my next adventure! 🙂

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