Donner Lake/Lake Tahoe — Day 2

The next day everyone headed down to Donner Lake Historical Park to learn about our ancestors. I am a descendant through Mommy’s family. I am not sure how… but I am.

I loved running in the park.

Runnin’ runnin’ runnin’

The base of this statue (the stone part) is how high the snow was the year the Donner Family got stuck in the pass.

Enjoying nature… my true element!

Mommy, Uncle Matt and ME! We found a little waterfall and I was enjoying throwing everything I could get my hands on into the water!

Later we went by to feed the ducks in an little area right off of Lake Tahoe. We all looked pretty silly with our heads through the bridge looking down at the ducks.

Honest, there are ducks to feed!

Then we walked out to the lake. It was really low so there was a LOT of dirt/sand/rocks to run on. What a beautiful sight.

I enjoyed throwing rocks, go figure?

Okay, this one was pretty big!

There were lots more to throw!

Then more running…

Then a break with Mommy and Uncle Matt. Honest Daddy is on this vacation too!

Then I saw GEESE, Canadian Geese to be specific. They looked a bit too comfy, so I needed to fix that.

FLY AWAY! The were pretty lazy!

But I think I would be too if I were enjoying this view.


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