Bye Bye Froggie

Well, the $40 setup from the frog that was found in the front yard is no longer for my frog. I let the first frog go and caught a new one (Mommy caught it really). The little frogs didn’t move much and I got bored with them rather quickly. So Mommy figured why waste the money for the habitat… let’s go get a hermit crab! Plus I am TOTALLY potty trained now and accident free for over 3 weeks! So it was a reward as well.

So I now have a hermit crab. His name is “Hermit Crab”. Real creative, I know!!!

There is a lid that goes on top so he can’t escape. He is quite the climber!


There is my little guy with some new shells to move into someday.


A close up of his house. One dish is RO water and the other is salt-water from the fish tank.


He is very active and much more fun to watch than the silly TINY frogs!


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