A drive around Lake Tahoe — Hike to “Eagle Falls”

After dropping Grandpa John off at the airport Uncle Matt took us for a drive all around Lake Tahoe. We stopped every now and then to see sights and nature. We visited an overlook for Emerald Bay

At the Emerald Bay Overlook:

This was yet another steep hill and I was fearless, as usual!

Mommy and I hiking up a bit.

We are going to hike to the top of this waterfall… not the actual top… but as close as we can get.

On TOP of the world!!

And in BIG trouble for running off and climbing on my own…

At Eagle Falls:

I feel so small today.

We hiked up quite a ways in the cool air.

I needed LOTS of nature breaks. Basically, time to sit and play with sticks and things I found along the way. I had quite a collection that I made Mommy carry with her.

Near the top, what a VIEW!!!

There was a neat bridge we could look off of to see the waterfall below us. Daddy was nervous because his hands were so cold that he didn’t take a picture of the waterfall from the top.

This is the part right before the water rolled off the ledge.

Down we go… I thought it was rather funny to pretend to be a bunny rabbit the entire way down. I WAS holding Mommy’s hand but hopping on cold, wet and slippery rocks nearly ended my day. It was time to head back to the car.

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