Wall Springs Play Day

Last week we went to Wall Springs to go to the playground and go for a nature hike.

I made Mommy go down the BIG slide with me.


I enjoyed climbing all over the place.


Even the little slides were fun!


I have learned to scale the rock wall all the way to the top!


Then we went hiking. I am too short for the water fountain still but no worries… I brought my Mommy step-stool!


I didn’t want Daddy taking more pictures so I hid under the bench.


We climbed the stairs to the top of the lookout tower I liked looking down at the “hippos” in the water! 🙂 hehe


After the fun at the playground we went out to Thai for dinner. I didn’t like the menu choices so Mommy ordered me a HUGE plate of steamed broccoli and I ate the WHOLE thing! 🙂 YUMMY!

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