During “self play” time today I went into my closet (where I am NOT allowed to go)and managed to slam my finger in the doors pretty hard. I cried for about 30 minutes and wouldn’t let anyone look at it. Then, oddly, I took a nap but woke up crying with pain! My finger was swollen and red. So Mommy & Daddy opted for the safe side and took me to the after hours urgent care center down the street. I got a neat x-ray!! (the odd shaped bones belong to the attendant to was helping hold my arm in position!)

pinky xray.jpg

Nothing showed on the x-ray as broken or fractured. The Dr. said sometimes it can take two weeks to show up. So they gave me a splint and sent me home.


My cheesy smile and my groovy boo-boo bandage.


We will follow up with the doctor in a few weeks for another x-ray! FUN FUN FUN!

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