BB sick, watch Dora please?

Other than a slight attitude, which can be mainly attributed to the fact that I am two, I am feeling a ton better. My spots are all gone and my blisters have mostly dried up. Mommy said at this rate they will be gone by the end of the day today. We will skip one more day of Gymboree and then probably go back. I guess it was just another mild strain of this silly virus. People need to learn to wash their hands more… especially when they touch grocery carts and other public things. Mommy & Daddy are pretty good about it and even sanitize the carts when the stores actually have wipes in their dispensers. Oh well! 🙂 Thursday night when we came home form the doctors office I told Mommy “B.B. SICK, watch Dora please?” Mommy laughed, somehow Dora is the elixir of all that ills?

So what have I been doing to pass the time? Hmmmm…

Friday we spent the entire morning have a Lego-a-thon. Mommy and I built a TON of tunnels, towers and buildings in which I played with my animals. We ran a few errands. I hate riding in my stroller but since I was sick I was not allowed to sit in shopping carts or wander on my own two feet. I guess I was okay with it. Mommy explained that I was sick and that is why I had to ride in the stroller. We went by Borders to get Mommy & Daddy their wristbands to pick-up their new Harry Potter books. I got to make a wizard hat and got a snake painted on my hand. That was fun! 🙂 We stopped off at the grocery on the way home to get some things for dinner and Daddy got a ticket with a VEry low number (11) to pick up the Harry Potter book at Publix. Mommy and I played Legos and animals a bit more and I watched “Monsters, Inc.” on the big tv.

Daddy got up at 11:47 and went to pick-up his book. He stayed up until 3 am reading. Mommy got up at 7 with me and took Daddy’s book and sat and read a few chapters. Thank goodness the mail carried showed up around 10am with Mommy’s copy of the book, then they didn’t have to share one copy. Daddy finished the book before my nap and Mommy finished late last night after I fell asleep. Not bad readers, those parents of mine. 750ish pages in one day! 🙂 Good going! 🙂 Mommy and Daddy said it was sad to see a story end but were both pleased with the ending. No hints to those who haven’t finished the book yet! 🙂

I got to watch a BUNCH of cartoons while Mommy & Daddy read! I was fine by that. I really enjoy watching Charlottes’ Web.

I am still having trouble falling asleep at night but at least I am now getting to bed by 9 or 9:15 instead of 10-10:30! I am still up around 6:45 but Mommy doesn’t spring me until 7-7:10.

Today I spent the morning at Grandma Jo and Grandpa Howie’s house. Mommy and Daddy helped me hunt the turtle I misplaced when I was there last time. They eventually found it under a sofa cushion in the formal sitting room. It has been returned to its home on the table. Sorry I hid it Grandpa!!! We helped Great Grandma fix her washing machine (Daddy is ordering a part) and then went to lunch. I had a Mickey pancake, which I enjoyed more once they tried to take it away. I don’t eat much when I am presented with food but if you try to take it from me, I normally decide i should probably eat some!

So as you can see I have had a BORING weekend. No fun stories to tell. Just icky rainy overcast skies and lots of Legos! 🙂

Not again…

Apparently I am just prone to this stuff. Mommy keeps me VERY clean and we wash hands after potty and several other times during the day. But still, I get sick! UGH! Mommy feels really bad because a few of my REALLY good friends were exposed to me in the last few days. SORRY! I think we called all of you… but just in case be on the lookout.

So what is wrong? I have another MILDER case of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFMD). Last time I had it was April of 2006. The symptoms I have just seems to be the little tiny blisters that Mommy thought were any bites. By tonight after my bath I have a nice red rash on my arms, legs, shoulders and back. I don’t itch. I don’t have the fever kids normally get. I haven;t gone poopy today so I don’t have the diarrhea. I don’t have the sores in my mouth like some strains of the virus cause. So I guess I am lucky. None of my blisters have popped yet so I don’t think I passed it on. Plus Mommy keeps my hands pretty darn clean. I shared a snack today with a friend and Mommy said hopefully everything will be alright.

Here are a few pictures Mommy took after my bath tonight.

My arm. The HUGE mark is a scratch from my potty seat. The little red dots are my “illness”.
My feet… hard to tell.

Mommy said it can’t be an all bad post. So here are a few other shots of me from tonight.

A happy boy in the tub! 🙂

Every kid should lounge on the sofa, watch out the window and keep there oral hygiene in check! Right?
Still brushing… rather CHEWING on the brush 15 minutes later.

I love my Mommy and Daddy.

Daddy was working outside “potting plants” or rather “legal herbs”. He uses them for cooking. I watched Daddy for a few minutes but the buggers were biting really bad so I came back in with Mommy.

Well, I am in quarantine until my blisters dry up. Probably until Tuesday or Wednesday. We will see. I am a fast healer! 🙂 But I don’t want to risk getting my friends sick.

Sorry again! :

How far do “non pareils” roll?

Well, the answer in this lies directly in the amount of chaos that it is likely to cause. Mommy and I were making cookies (slice and bake kind of sugar cookies) tonight in the kitchen while Daddy made dinner. Mommy was patting out the dough for me to cut and decorate. I decided to get a closer look at a full bottle of pastel non-pareils. Well, I wiggled the lid a little and Mommy said ” Hold on Mommy will help.” At the last word of her statement I managed to get the container open and send hundreds, no THOUSANDS, maybe MILLIONS of little tiny pastel colored balls ALL over the kitchen. It was AMAZING how far they rolled when I swept to the floor the ones that managed to land on the counter. Mommy and Daddy gave out a big sigh and started to clean up a bit. Mommy finished helping with the cookies and then washed my feet (because I managed to get them all over my cooking stand thusly all over my feet!) Mommy sat me in front of the TV on the sofa a told me “DON’T MOVE!” *sigh*

Daddy swept the floor and Mommy vacuumed up the disaster! Mommy said we will probably find rogue ones all over the house for a few days or weeks! So far we have stepped on quite a few. I think they hid under invisible dust bunnies or just got scared of the vacuum and are just not venturing out.

Either way… NO MORE non-pareils unless Mommy tightens the lid for me.

Growing up?

So where have I left off in my life. Daddy was out of town at “science camp” for an extended weekend. I missed him so very much. I decided that I didn’t need much sleep when he was gone. Which drove Mommy a bit nuts, but she coped with it. I was IN bed at 8 but didn’t fall asleep til nearly 10pm and then I was up between 6:00 and 6:30 daily. Mommy and I tried to stay busy the entire time. We spent Saturday and Sunday morning with Grandma Susie. We shopped, ate food, played games and watched a few cartoons. It was nice to spend some time with her. In the evenings Mommy and I would have a read-a-thon. We would read books for nearly 2 hours. I got to go to the library and pick out a few new books too. I am doing much better at the library lately. I don’t “melt” and run off. I actually even returned my books yesterday with no issues. Normally I don’t like to see them go. But I think I have finally gotten the idea that I return the ones I have read and I get to take home MORE! There are LOTS of animal books at the library. I think I will have them all read by next week! 🙂

Mom and Dad are impressed that I sit for as long as I do and read. I am getting into LONG books lately. I enjoy the stories now as well as the pictures! Today I went with my friend, Lauren, to the library for story time. I had a blast! Last story time I was accosted by a book and STILL have a scar over my eye. Today, much better!!! We sat on our little carpet rectangles and sang songs, read stories and saw a few mini puppet shows. Just about 20 minutes of fun! It was great! Mommy said we will go more often once they start up with the fall schedule. The “teacher” is very structured which helps me a lot. Some of the other library branches have story times that are VERY chaotic, she was great today!

So what else is up in my life?! 🙂 Mom and I got the car washed the other day and the cashier lady gave Mommy change fora $5 bill. The lady counted back to Mommy…1…2….3….4…5…. then I kept going 6….7…..8…9…10! Mommy was shocked, she has been working on numbers for a while but I just don’t seem to get them! She asked me to repeat myself. I, being the smart alick that I am, responded… uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, dies! Mommy slapped her forehead and hugged me. So now, I guess since I slipped up and showed Mommy I could count, I count everything. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish…. sometimes in BOTH! I am a goober grape! 🙂

Potty learning is getting better. I have gotten 2 poppies in the potty and lots of pee-pee. I INSIST that I sit on the potty for about 30 minutes after bath-time now. I don’t always go but Mommy said at least I am comfy with the potty again. I am trying and Mommy isn’t pushing too hard… so that makes it easier. It is on my terms for a while. Mommy said she doesn’t want two kids in diapers. So I have a few more months to get this down… no pressure! 🙂

Well,I guess that is it for now. I am sure I will have man more adventures this week and update them all later when I forget about them. I hear thunder outside so that means the rain is coming… or NOT!

Enjoy your week.